2023 Streaming Summit Videos – New York (October 23/24)


Keynote Fireside Chat: Disney’s Streaming Formula: A Foundation of Ad Tech and Audience

Years of investment have led Disney to the forefront of the evolution of linear television and streaming amid the sea of change in video consumption. One of Disney’s recipes for success in streaming sits at the center of its foundational ad tech stack while bringing advertisers closer to the most iconic storytelling and portfolio of brands. In this fireside chat, hear from Disney executives as they share a look behind the curtain at the future-forward strategy propelling Disney’s interconnected advertising business. From standing up an in-house tech stack, to creating connectivity with the third-party ecosystem, learn how Disney is aligning its advertising and technology road map to meet the needs of global marketers.


  • (Moderator) Adam Wiener – Founder, Continuous Media (former EVP/GM ViacomCBS)
  • Alex Combs – Director, Product Management, Ads & Data Platforms, Disney
  • Jamie Power – SVP, Addressable Sales, Disney

Designing High-Performance Transcoding Infrastructure: Architectures, Technologies, and Best Practices

As the demand for multimedia content continues to surge across various platforms, efficient and rapid transcoding of media files has become a critical challenge for content providers, streaming services, and data centers. This panel will explore the challenges of efficient media transcoding, discussing architectural paradigms, including distributed, cloud-based, and edge computing models. Through real-world case studies, attendees will hear about innovative solutions, including load balancing, adaptive bitrate streaming, and machine learning techniques.


  • (Moderator) Sujana Sooreddy – Senior Lead Software Engineer, Netflix
  • Raúl Santos – Senior Manager, Streaming Engineering, Peloton Interactive
  • Poorna Reddy – Staff Software Engineer, Netflix
  • Suresh Somasundaram – SVP, Software Engineering, DISH Network

The Rebundling, Packaging and Distribution of Video in the Media Landscape

For many consumers, part of the original appeal of SVOD services was as an antidote to cable TV bundles. However, with US SVOD growth slowing and many services still in search of profitability, new approaches to aggregation, packaging and bundling are becoming an important strategic priority for the industry. Consumers looking for better ways to navigate the plethora of à la carte streaming options could also potentially benefit if the industry fixes the current broken licensing and distribution issues. Join a panel of streaming executives to explore the latest approaches and emerging areas of opportunity for the media markets being built on the back of streaming media services.


  • (Moderator) Barry Tishgart – Media and Technology SVP, (Former Disney, Comcast)
  • Greg Barnard – Director of Content Acquisition, VIZIO
  • Archana Anand – Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global
  • Michael Rosellini – SVP, Digital Services, Hearst Television

Case Study: How YouTube Uses Interactive Live Streaming for Higher Engagement

In the last few years, YouTube has redefined what it means to run an interactive live-stream on a global scale through tentpole events. This case study will explore the technical setup that allows these streams to take place, the use cases it unlocks, and how interactivity drives engagement success with view time and other KPIs. Learn how YouTube uses innovative workflows to gamify live chat, drive massive engagement and hear about the types of events that justify this kind of interactive approach. You will also learn what brands and broadcasters gain from the elevated engagement and the value they see from offering interactive live streaming.


  •  Chris Rutter – Senior Technical Consultant, YouTube, Google

Case Study: Hershey’s Approach to Advertising Using a Direct to Glass Advertising Campaign with LG Ads

This session will present a visual presentation that describes Hershey’s reasons for testing Direct to Glass advertising, their strategic approach to the campaign and their results. Learn the details about making the most of non-traditional ad formats as well as what they learned about reaching viewers while they are in their “lean forward” content selection process, rather than typical “lean back” in-stream ad viewing. Hear how the different ad placements contributed to key performance metrics and how they plan to incorporate Direct to Glass into their larger TV and digital media plan.


  • Harry Kargman – Founder, CEO, Kargo

Game-Changers: UX Evolution in Live Sports Streams

The sports landscape has undergone continuous evolution, impacting its fans and the way they consume live content. This has opened doors for innovations in immersive technologies, personalization, multi-device streaming, interactive features, and beyond. This panel will uncover the strategies and trends driving this transformation in fan engagement with their beloved sports content and explore what the future holds for all stakeholders in the industry.


  • (Moderator) Rick Allen – CEO, ViewLift
  • Scott Morris – Managing Partner, Agilis Quantum
  • Charlie Myers – CTO, Monumental Sports and Entertainment
  • Lawrence Chan – Chief Corporate Development Officer, LiveLike

How Netflix Builds Transcoding Workflows at Scale by Maximizing Impact and Minimizing Costs

Building modular, reusable transcoding workflows not only speeds up feature development but also enables the reuse of intermediate encodes, resulting in significant CPU hour savings. Having the right toolset to showcase the cost of an encode, latency impact, and achievable throughput becomes essential for making informed decisions on experiments and innovations. This presentation will detail how Netflix developed an efficient encoding platform that runs complex transcoding workflows in a modular and cost-effective manner. Learn the best practices for developing a multi-tenant rule engine platform that scales, ensures reliability, and accelerates development cycles.


  • Sujana Sooreddy – Senior Lead Software Engineer, Netflix

The State of Open Caching: From Specs to Mainstream with Major OTT Brands

Open Caching, based on specifications developed by the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA), is seeing its best year ever in terms of commercial adoption, service provider deployments, global footprint and delivery capacity. This presentation will summarize Open Caching’s progress and success with a focus on content publisher case studies and lessons from deployments through 2023. Learn about the SVTA’s Open Caching work, featuring the publication of specifications for the Configuration Interface API and the Open Caching Capacity Interface.


  • Gautier Demond – VP, Content Provider Sales, Americas, Qwilt

The Business of FAST: Monetization, Market Saturation and Viewer Engagement

From audience targeting through curated channels and managing third-party platforms, FAST services have a lot of options when it comes to monetization and viewer engagement strategies. This session will discuss how with such rapid growth and saturation, and the promise and hope of new revenue sources, where FAST can succeed in attracting new users. Hear lessons learned from industry experts who will share their insights and practical approaches for navigating the world of FAST content, user engagement, and monetization.


  • (Moderator) Jonathan Hurd – Partner, Altman Solon
  • Hedvig Arnet – VP, Business Development, Vevo
  • Matthew Dominguez – Director, Digital Distribution and Partnerships, Cox Media Group
  • Dave Simon – GM, Growth Initiatives, Moloco
  • Lindsay Stewart – VP, FAST & AVOD Revenue Strategy, AMC Networks

Delivering HTTPS Low Latency Live Streaming at Scale

From transcoding and storage all the way to caching and delivery, there are multiple points for optimization in a low-latency streaming stack. This presentation will highlight some of the key combination of methods for low-latency http-based formats to stay relevant, even in the world of emerging WebRTC-based streaming. Learn about strategies for cache pre-warming, per-title encoding utilizing optimized bitrate ladders and how to apply it for peak-heavy scenarios such as large sporting events.


  • Juraj Kacaba – Head of Client Implementations, CDN77

Best Practices for Overcoming Complexity in The Live Video Workflow

Using cloud-based video workflows for live streaming from ingestion to delivery is now the standard for large-scale live events. But even with the scale and redundancy built into the cloud, complex workflow   challenges still exist and are causing negative impacts on the user experience. This discussion will detail some of the biggest hurdles and pain points when it comes to content ingestion, packaging, delivery, and playback of video. Hear some of the best practices broadcasters and OTT services are using to reduce these challenges and to improve upon the end-user experience.


  • (Moderator) Adam Wiener – Founder, Continuous Media (former EVP/GM ViacomCBS)
  • Eric Black – CTO/GM of Media, Edgio

Technical Challenges and Best Practices for Delivering Live Video Events

This session will cover the intricacies of delivering live event at scale and will cover the different complexities involved in distributing live events globally. Learn some of the best practices with challenges tied   to network capacity, low latency requirements, geographical distribution, infrastructure scalability, and multi-CDN strategies. The panel of live event experts will also discuss the challenges of playback provisioning across multiple devices and highlight some of the different technology factors that determine the end-user experience.


  • (Moderator) Victoria Tuzova – Business Development, Elecard, Women in Streaming
  • Thijs Lowette – Product Lead, Philo
  • Nishant Sirohi – Lead Engineer, Central Video Tech, Paramount
  • Chas Mastin – Senior Engineering Manager, Playback Experience, YouTube

Keynote Fireside Chat: Fubo, Inside the Current and Future Sports Streaming Experience

Dan Rayburn sits down with Yale Wang from Fubo to discuss the current and future state of the sports streaming market. They discuss the latest is sports content bundling, what consumers want, Fubo’s strength in making consuming live video easy and what the future of the sports streaming experience looks like.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • Yale Wang – SVP, Head of Marketing, Fubo

The Potential Role of AI in The Streaming Video Workflow

AI has the possibility to provide a whole new set of tools and technologies that can transform viewer engagement into an exceptional user experience with the goal of increasing long-term engagement and user retention. Presenters will showcase use cases that include the following:

Argoid: Hear about the different models of how AI is being utilized to transform viewer engagement into an exceptional user experience with the goal of increasing long-term engagement and user retention.

AIHunters: Learn the practical insights into AI-powered media delivery pipelines including end-to-end automation of post-editing for sports broadcasting highlights, with a secondary focus on enhancing the viewing experience.


  • Morsy Cheikhrouhou – SVP, Sales and Revenues, Argoid.ai
  • Oleg Gubin – Co-Founder/COO, AIHunters

Defining the New Pay TV Bundle and the Path to Growth and Engagement

The messy public divorce of cable and OTT services is a longstanding issue that has recently seen its Waterloo in Disney vs. Spectrum and Heart vs. DISH. This session will discuss what consumers want from OTT services, the pros and cons of going direct-to-consumer vs. distributing through partners, international distribution approaches, and how video services are working to grow and engage subscribers. Hear the latest developments and discuss the challenges and success OTT services and pay TV operators are having with viewer engagement, retention, monetization and market saturation.


  • (Moderator) Chris Pfaff – CEO, Chris Pfaff Tech/Media
  • Chris Defendis – Media Executive, (Former HBO, Warner Bros., WWE)
  • Barry Tishgart – Media and Technology SVP, (Former Disney, Comcast)

Case Study: Scaling Up Video Encoding by Improving Per-CPU Efficiency

Scaling up VOD and live encoding workflows in the cloud can be challenging and costly, primarily due to the substantial demand for computing resources required by video encoders. In this presentation, learn how to effectively reduce the cost and turnaround time of video encoding, while also maintaining ultra-low bitrate and high visual quality, all by enhancing the per-CPU encoding efficiency. Hear how lower per-CPU efficiency allows for streaming services to run more live encoding jobs at the same time, and execute more VOD jobs in parallel to improve transcoding throughput.


  • Bo Zhang  -Senior Solutions Architect, Visionular

Fireside Chat: Brightcove, Sports Streaming’s Place in an OTT World

This fireside chat will discuss the changes we are seeing in the sports streaming industry with regards to content monetization, technology platforms and the fan experience. Learn about some of the challenges and opportunities when it comes to fragmentation, current technology capabilities, the overall consumer experience, and what we believe is the future of sports entertainment.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • Marc DeBevoise – CEO, Brightcove