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Show Theme: “Metrics, Measurement and Monetization”

The Streaming Summit will feature speakers from the OTT, sports, advertising, media and broadcast industries covering the technical and business challenges and opportunities about what metrics should be collected (subs, viewers, APRU, engagement, QoE etc); how measurements should be combined (player, ad networks, Nielsen, CDNs etc.); and how the data should be used to determine monetization models (churn, retention, AVOD vs. SVOD, P&L etc.)

[DEADLINE] SEPTEMBER 20th: The one-day Streaming Summit will take place on Tuesday October 18th as part of the NAB Show New York at the Javits Center. The Streaming Summit will be a two-track event that will focus on the “Metrics, Measurement and Monetization” of streaming media. Unlike the Las Vegas show that covers a lot of topics, the NY show will have one theme. The format will be fireside chats (2 speakers), best practices technical presentations/case studies (1 speaker), and round-table sessions (3-4 speakers). As a one-day show there will be a total of 40-45 speakers and speaking spots will go very fast.

A limited number of sponsorships do come with case study speaking spots, so please contact Dan Rayburn for more details on these sponsorship opportunities.

The Summit does not cover topics pertaining to video editing, pre/post production, video production hardware, radio, podcasting, scripts and talent, NFTs, blockchain, VR, film making or how to get content licensed. All submissions must fall into the “Metrics, Measurement and Monetization” theme.

Please see the videos ad program from the 2022 Las Vegas show for an example of the topics covered.

Please complete the form below with your proposals and reach out to Dan Rayburn at (917) 523-4562 or via email at anytime if you have any questions on the submission process or want to discuss an idea before you submit. Dan always prefers speaking directly to people about their ideas, so he can help tailor your submission to what works best. Interested in moderating a session? Please contact Dan ASAP.

Please provide a 4-5 sentence description of the topic you would like to speak/present on. Do not include any marketing language or high-level generic text about the industry. Dive right into what the Session/Presentation will cover, what questions it will answer, what challenges in the market it addresses etc.
Please indicate if you are submitting this proposal on behalf of a speaker/company. If yes, please provide your contact information as Dan Rayburn will reach out to you directly to manage the speaking submission.