2024 NAB Show Streaming Summit Videos – Las Vegas (April 15/16)


Welcome, Overview of Show: Winners and Losers Across the Broadcast, Pay TV, vMVPD and OTT Markets

Conference Chairman Dan Rayburn welcomes attendees to the Streaming Summit and will discuss some of the latest numbers related to profitability, subscriber growth, and viewership. Learn more about the turmoil in the video business around content licensing, bundling, cord-cutting, rising costs, and churn and retention within OTT services. Hear where he sees an opportunity for growth and consolidation in the industry, the key financial metrics everyone should be tracking and who the winners and losers will be across the broadcast, pay TV, MVPD and OTT markets.


Paramount Keynote Fireside Chat: The Current and Future Trends of AI in Media

The media industry is undergoing many changes due to AI, from how content is created and processed to how it is delivered and consumed. In this session, Phil Wiser, the CTO of Paramount, will discuss his insights and experiences on how AI can create new opportunities and difficulties for the media industry. Learn about the current and future trends of AI in media and get a realistic and practical view of the strengths and weaknesses of AI in this domain.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • Phil Wiser – EVP, CTO, Head of Multiplatform Operations, Paramount Global

Safeguarding Video Content: AI-Powered Tokenization for Ironclad Media Delivery

This presentation reveals how AI can analyze token usage patterns, proactively identifying and disabling compromised tokens to stop unauthorized content distribution in its tracks. Learn the integration of AI analysis into token-based media workflows for a streamlined security solution. Discover how AI-enhanced token validation safeguards content throughout its lifecycle and gain actionable insights from successful implementations.


The Complex Business of CTV Ad Measurement, Metrics and Cross-Platform Buying

As advertisers have more options for buying across SVOD, AVOD and FAST, CTV is projected to be the fastest-growing segment of the media landscape. This session will discuss the seismic industry shift from siloed to converged currency models and the ensuing challenges in valuing digital and streaming ad impressions. Hear about the measurement side of advertising, the powerful role that big data and integrated platforms play in delivering accurate and consistent results, and what brands are demanding for targeting. Hear from leading experts on how CTV ad opportunities evolve and mature for brands to leverage effectively in terms of cost-effectiveness, measurement, targeting and cross-platform buying.


  • (Moderator) Diane Strutner – Founder, CEO, Datazoom
  • Tess O’Brien – VP, Head of Buy-Side Revenue, FreeWheel
  • Prashant Chaudhary – VP, Product Management, Amagi
  • George Carens – Director, Data Insights, Samsung Ads

Sports Streaming’s Place in Fan Engagement and Monetization

Sports organizations have a unique opportunity to directly engage audiences and widen their global footprint with the latest advances in the streaming industry and consumer behaviors. Join this fireside chat to discover how sports companies can leverage streaming technology to own their content distribution to reach beyond the arena, build loyal fans and boost revenue.


  • Adam Wiener – Founder, Continuous Media
  • Marc DeBevoise – CEO, Brightcove

AI Track: Running OpenAI’s Whisper Automatic Speech Recognition on a Live Video Transcoding Server

As video streaming workflows increasingly move from file-based to live, functions that previously could be done offline can pose technical challenges or be exceedingly expensive to implement. One such function is the requirement for subtitle creation and transcription for live video streams. In this demonstration, you will see how ten NETINT T1U VPUs installed in a 1RU server with a 96-core Ampere Altra Max processor running OpenAI’s Whisper ASR model can produce dozens of simultaneous ABR ladder transcodes using AV1, HEVC, or H.264.


  •  Sean Varley – Chief Evangelist, VP, Business Development, Ampere
  •  Alex Liu – Co-founder and COO, NETINT Technologies
  • Download The Presentation Here

AI Track: How AI Can Maximize Video Capture and Production for Long Tail Sports Content

This session will spotlight how AI-driven technology is reshaping the broadcasting of amateur sports, making it simpler and more cost-effective for all. Learn how to leverage AI for video capture and production to enhance viewer engagement with features like automated highlights and player tracking, opening up new revenue streams for leagues and teams. Join us to uncover the transformative impact of AI in democratizing sports broadcasting and how it’s being implemented across high school to youth sports, including collaborations with the NFHS Network and NBC Sports Next SportsEngine.


  • David Shapiro – North American President, Pixellot

Combating Churn with Better Packaging and Distribution Strategies

From SVOD and AVOD, through tiering product features, consumers are overwhelmed with the number of OTT choices in the market. This session will discuss what consumers want from OTT services and the impact of their choices on OTT business models. It will discuss the pros and cons of going DTC vs. distributing through partners, bundling with other streaming services and how these approaches might increase subscriber engagement. The session will highlight factors including catalog choice, windowing, revenue models (e.g., free trials, hybrid paid/ad-supported, annual pricing plans), bundling, and product features (e.g., number of simultaneous streams, HD vs. 4K resolution).


  • (Moderator) Jonathan Hurd – Partner, Altman Solon
  • Matt Ross – Managing Director, Digital I
  • Matthew Dominguez – Director, Streaming Distribution and Partnerships, Cox Media Group
  • Stewart Frey – Data Strategy and Technology Executive, (former VP, Technology, WWE)
  • Titus Bicknell – (former CDO & EVP, Operations, AMC Networks)

Perception is Reality: Harnessing AI to Optimize Video Quality and Cost Savings

This discussion will detail the delicate balance between cost, quality, and perception in streaming video. Explore how viewers truly gauge content quality beyond technical metrics, and uncover the strategic role of AI in optimizing delivery strategies for cost savings. Learn how AI-driven perceptual quality measurement technology is taking bitrate reduction to the next level without compromising on visual excellence. Get ready for an insightful conversation with a hands-on use case for AI that truly matters.


  • Thijs Bijleveld – VP, Sales & GM, EMEA & APAC, IMAX Steaming and Consumer Technology
  • Andy Waltenspiel – Managing Director, Waltenspiel Management Consulting

AI Track: The SMB Opportunity: How AI Creative is Unlocking New Ad Revenue

This presentation will cover the massive revenue opportunity in local direct advertising sales. Learn how TV and CTV are finally poised to win small advertisers back from Facebook and Google with self-serve advertising and AI-generated creative.


AI Track: Unifying Broadcast and Streaming Workflows Using AI

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are reinventing activities and workflows across broadcast and streaming and are crucial to advancing the state of the art and driving efficiency into today’s largest platforms. This presentation will detail new and innovative approaches to video delivery by unifying broadcast and streaming workflows across video asset management, cloud scheduling, playout, closed caption extraction, automated VOD syndication and much more.


  • Alper Turgut – Chairman of the Board, Akta Tech

Current State of the CDN Market: Opportunities and Challenges Facing Vendors and Customers

Dan Rayburn will lead a discussion that delves into the current state of the video CDN market, evaluating its viability for vendors and examining the latest challenges faced by customers in their quest for optimal CDN performance. The session will highlight the complexities of delivering content to hard-to-reach geographies, low latency demands, optimization of bitrates, and the impact customer demands have on vendors’ business models.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • Tomas Bacik – Head of Business Development and Client Solutions, CDN77

The Business of FAST: Ad Dollars, Viewer Measurement and Content Saturation

As FAST ad inventory grows, the platforms they reside on have rapidly emerged as a favorite alternative source of ad inventory, replacing eyeballs lost on traditional linear TV. FAST services have become crucial to SVOD players searching for new distribution platforms and revenue streams and an opportunity to engage audiences on alternative platforms with different viewership behaviors. This session will discuss how, with such rapid growth and saturation and the hope of new revenue sources, players in the ecosystem have to reassess what it will take to make FAST successful in the years to come.


  • (Moderator) Adam Wiener – Founder, Continuous Media (former EVP/GM ViacomCBS)
  • Jeremy Justice – VP, Product Management, Gracenote
  • Joe Lerner – Exec Director, Advertising Partnerships, Xumo
  • Bethany Atchison – VP, Distribution Partnerships, Vevo
  • Takashi Nakano – Content & Business Development, Samsung TV Plus

Roku Fireside Chat: Igniting Engagement with Data, AI, and Innovation

Data is no longer viewed solely as a source of audience insights but as a powerful tool for creating deeply meaningful and personalized user experiences. Join this fireside chat between Roku and Braze to hear about how they’re driving customer engagement and retention by activating data to better understand their customers and building experiences with AI that go beyond basic personalization.


  • Allyson Kurth – Sr. Director, Media, Entertainment and Gaming, Braze
  • Ric Lwin – Director of Product and Operations, Marketing Technology, Roku

Reimagined Broadcast Delivery: Leveraging the Internet for Affiliate Video Transport

For more than 50 years, satellite has been the primary mode of delivering broadcast television to affiliate stations. However, with the widespread availability of high-quality internet and streaming technology, a more efficient and flexible way to accomplish this should exist. This presentation will discuss how to deliver content using scalable cloud and IP delivery, capable of reaching thousands of cable and MVPD headends without the need for a spacecraft.


  • (Moderator) Alesandra Madurowicz – Strategic Accounts, Media, Gaming, Sports, Oracle Cloud
  • Scott Rose – CPO, Encompass
  • Luke Wheeler – CTO, Encompass

AI Track: Beyond the Hype: A Critical Look at AI in Video Streaming

Artificial intelligence has become a buzzword in all technologies, including streaming video, with the promise of revolutionizing how we create, compress, and watch videos. However, it’s crucial to separate the hype from reality. In this session, Jan Ozer from the Streaming Learning Center explores the most recent streaming-related AI announcements to detail which to dismiss, which will become relevant, and when.


AI Track: Applying AI/ML Techniques for Live Video Transcoding

The integration of AI and ML techniques in video encoding has revolutionized efficiency by enhancing compression algorithms, optimizing bitrate allocation, and reducing computational complexity. Using AI/ML, video encoders can better understand and adapt to content characteristics, allowing for more effective compression without sacrificing quality. This presentation will showcase how the AMD Alveo MA35D can leverage techniques like machine learning-based rate control, content-aware encoding, and adaptive quantization to enable encoders to dynamically adjust encoding parameters based on different video segments’ complexity and perceptual importance, leading to significant bitrate savings while maintaining or even enhancing visual quality.


Strategies for Streamlining Video Processing, Packaging, Playback, and Delivery

Addressing the challenge of delivering media content to diverse audiences at local, regional, and global levels involves ensuring accessibility across various devices and user environments. This session will delve into impactful decisions and optimal practices for media packaging to enhance playback and delivery to end users. Important topics that will be covered include different formats and frameworks, ways to lower latency in real-time and time-sensitive applications, guarantee consistent and high-quality playback, and how integrating services like security and advertising affects playback, packaging, and stream delivery.


  • (Moderator) Victoria Tuzova – Business Development, Elecard, Women in Streaming
  • Steven “Claw” Jalicy – Director, Streaming & Broadcast Distribution, ESL FACEIT GROUP
  • Neal Roberts – Senior Director, Live Experiences, Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Sean McCarthy – Director, Product, Video Technology Group, Paramount Global

Case Study: How The NFL Delivers a Great Video Experience

The National Football League (NFL) is the largest professional American football league, attracting millions of viewers and making it one of the most-watched sports leagues globally. Join us in this huddle to explore how the NFL delivers an unparalleled live streaming experience across platforms and devices for NFL+. The session will focus on choices made and actual experiences regarding video playback and real-time monitoring, with the objective of making every streaming session a touchdown for fans.


  • Michael Blanchard – Director of Engineering, Platform, NFL Media
  • Willem De Saegher – VP, North American Sales, THEO Technologies
  • Download The Presentation Here

The Evolution of Broadcast Delivery through ATSC 3.0

The broadcast industry is undergoing significant changes in delivery for large-scale events, monetization, and synchronization. Smart TVs are swiftly replacing set-top boxes, necessitating multicast delivery of traditional broadcast feeds. This session will explore the role of Smart TVs equipped with NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) antennas and how multicast delivery can mitigate broadcast issues, reduce congestion, and enhance user experience. Gain insights into current and future media broadcast delivery trends and discover the industry’s imperative to address these challenges.


  • (Moderator) Mark Donnigan – Principal, d-launch
  • Eric Black – CTO/GM of Media, Edgio
  • Kevin Cotlove – EVP, Chief Digital Officer, Sinclair Broadcast Group

How Publishers are Maximizing Efficiency in Media and Content Supply Chains

This presentation will explore how Snowflake’s platform is reshaping publisher’s approach to media supply chains, fostering a more responsive and adaptive ecosystem for the digital age. Learn the importance of secure data sharing across the entire supply chain and how it can help to revolutionize your media workflows to reduce cost and complexity.


  • Adrian Bolosan – Industry Principal, Media & Entertainment, Snowflake
  • John Footen – Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Deloitte
  • Download The Presentation Here

AI Track: Enhance, Enrich, Enable: Harness the Power of (Gen)AI for OTT Industry

s large language models (LLMs) fundamentally change our technological toolbox, the question is: how can we leverage GenAI within the OTT industry’s technological framework? This presentation will highlight how to reduce video encoding bitrates while simultaneously enhancing video quality. It will also cover how AI-driven video comprehension brings video summary, content classification and moderation for better content management and personalization.


  • Bo Yang – Expert Researcher, Tencent Cloud

Live Sports Streaming: Where Content Rights and Streaming Technology Collide

The movement of sports content from traditional pay TV networks to large tech platforms and OTT services is upending business models, causing the largest media companies and pay TV platforms to rethink their participation. At the same time, with consumers abandoning traditional TV distribution platforms in favor of streaming, technology disruption is occurring even while content rights and sports business models are shifting. This session will discuss how OTT platforms are optimizing their sports licensing bundles and technology stacks to maximize engagement, create revenue predictability, increase customer lifetime value, and mitigate rights costs.


  • (Moderator) Mark Donnigan – Principal, d-launch
  • James Burt – SVP, Broadcast Products, JW Player
  • Luciano (Lucho) Escudero – VP, Media Engineering, Sportian Globant
  • Rob Gelick – (Former Chief Product Officer, Paramount)

Case Study: How SiriusXM Built and Launched a New Streaming Platform in Less Than a Year

Throughout the span of a year, SiriusXM underwent a monumental digital transformation, revamping its engineering organization and migrating millions of subscribers to a next-gen app across various platforms, which launched this past December. This presentation will dive into the foundational principles and practical approaches for architecting, developing, and operating services that can withstand the challenges of scale while delivering exceptional performance. Learn how SiriusXM approached the new platform’s architectural considerations, fault tolerance, reliability, performance optimization, scalability, and elasticity.


  • Ben Manning – VP, Services Engineering, SiriusXM
  • Slides From This Presentation Are Not Available For Download

Welcome: The Latest Sports Streaming News and Viewership Numbers

Conference Chairman Dan Rayburn welcomes attendees to day two of the Streaming Summit and details some of the most important facts, figures and news tied to the sports streaming market. Get the latest live event viewership numbers, his thoughts on the upcoming JV service between Disney, FOX and WBD and hear why rising content licensing costs and platform fragmentation is the key reason why pay TV still accounts for around 85% of total viewing hours in the US, for live sports.


Prime Video Keynote Fireside Chat: Building an Industry-Leading Viewing Experience for Global Audiences

On Prime Video, customers can find their favorite movies, series and even live sports under one roof, be it entertainment produced by Amazon MGM Studios or by other studios, third-party channels made accessible as an add-on subscription through Prime Video Channels, and titles to rent or buy via the Prime Video Store. With such a vast catalog, a complex global marketplace, and availability on thousands of devices, B.A. Winston, VP of Technology for Prime will dive into how Prime Video is tackling streaming challenges to deliver a premium viewing experience for customers globally.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • BA Winston – VP, Technology, Prime Video

NBCU Keynote Fireside Chat: Streaming Now and Into the Future

Matt Strauss, a video industry veteran overseeing NBCUniversal’s extensive direct-to-consumer and international offerings, will delve into the evolving streaming landscape and share insights gained from Peacock’s successful launch and continued growth.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • Matt Strauss – Direct-to-Consumer and International, NBCUniversal

Defining and Deploying Personalization for Better User Engagement

As content variety increases amidst media mergers and studios reopen their catalogs for licensing across multiple services, personalization is touted as the holy grail to increase subscriber engagement and reduce churn. From UX design to machine learning, accessibility to live sports, streaming personalization demands investment, expertise, and collaboration across all disciplines and at every step in the customer journey. This session will discuss best practices for making content more accessible to discover and consume to deliver truly personalized experiences as streaming matures and evolves.


  • (Moderator) Chris Willard – Founder & Strategic Comms Partner, Chris Willard Communications
  • Scott Olechowski – Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Plex
  • Alex Otero – Technical Director, Globant
  • Arash Pendari – Founder & Creative Director, Vionlab

The Complex Business of Sports Streaming: Fragmentation, Bundling and Retention

As we enter the next era of sports streaming bundles, the playbook for leveraging sports properties to maximize engagement, revenue predictability, and customer lifetime value while mitigating rights costs is undergoing massive changes. This session will tackle the latest developments and implications for a sports industry reshaped by streaming, including licensing, bundling, advertising, and exclusive games available on OTT platforms.


  • (Moderator) Carlo De Marchis – Founder, A guy with a scarf
  • Christy Tanner – Founder, Coraly Partners (former EVP/GM, CBS Interactive)
  • Yannick Manuel Ramcke – GM, OTT, OneFootball
  • Andreas Heyden – CEO, Dyn Media GmbH
  • David Guinan – Chief Digital Officer, The Cowboy Channel

Case Study, NBCU and AWS: A Deep Dive Into the Tech Behind Peacock’s Record-Breaking NFL Wild Card Exclusive

This case study presentation will detail the architecture and preparation that underpinned Peacock’s streaming-only exclusive of the Kansas City Chiefs’ NFL Wild Card playoff victory over the Miami Dolphins – the biggest US livestream event in history. The session will highlight the learnings of six months of planning spanning architecture, scale-testing, runbook building, operational game day testing, and delivery. The technology domains covered will include CDN, video encoding, ad-insertion, and site reliability engineering, with the overarching theme being quality of experience at a massive scale.


  • Yana Podroubaeva – Senior Account Leader, AWS Media & Entertainment, Games, and Sports
  • David Bohunek – SVP, Global Video Engineering, NBCUniversal

Navigating the Streaming Landscape: Insights and Strategies for Subscription and Ad-Based Models

This session will provide a current perspective on the streaming media space, highlighting the growing importance of multiple content packaging options such as subscriptions, FAST, and hybrid models. It will also discuss the external and internal pressures pushing companies to build and leverage first-party customer data to optimize content and ad revenue.


  • David Warren – Principal Director, Zuora Subscribed Institute
  • Tim Cutting – CRO, Gracenote

Case Study: OTT Platform Migration with the Disc Golf Network

The Disc Golf Network (DGN) delivers coverage of all Disc Golf Pro Tour events to fans across the world. This offseason, DGN migrated away from an out-of-the-box OTT solution to a custom-built OTT platform, moving an entire user base from one platform to another with minimal disruption to their service. Join us for an in-depth look at this process, the unexpected challenges that occurred, and an overview of the current state of the “DGN 2.0” platform now that the 2024 season is underway.


  • Jeff Tocci – Director of Broadcast Technology, Disc Golf Network
  • Jeff Spring – CEO, Tour Director, Disc Golf Pro Tour
  • Download The Presentation Here

Powering Immersion: How Sphere and Hitachi Vantara Stream High-Resolution Immersive Video at Sphere

Sphere is a next-generation entertainment medium redefining the future of live entertainment. This includes streaming immersive video content on the world’s highest resolution LED screen inside the venue and the largest LED screen on the exterior – captivating audiences in Las Vegas and around the world on social media. This session will discuss how Sphere powers video streaming with extremely low latency and high throughput on a scale that has never been done before.


  • Alex Luthwaite – SVP, Show Systems Technology, Sphere Entertainment
  • Jason Hardy – CTO for Artificial Intelligence, Hitachi Vantara

FAST, AVOD and SVOD, Defining the New Pay TV Bundle

New OTT entrants are tiering their offerings with multiple tiers and differing price points, combining advertising with subscriptions, and developing innovative new packages and bundles. As business models get more complex and the cost of content licensing rises, what will the next generation of OTT services look like? Can subscription and advertising business models support and enhance one another? Will new tiering models delight or confuse audiences? A diverse panel of business leaders will explore the latest developments and discuss OTT services’ challenges and success with free, ad-supported and subscription OTT business models.


  • (Moderator) Tyler Aquilina – Media Analyst, Variety VIP+
  • Scott Ehrlich – CIO, Sinclair
  • P. Sean Gupta – Adjunct Media Professor, Columbia Business School & Former Paramount Exec
  • Matt Durgin – VP, North America, Content and Services, LG Electronics

Streaming Investor Economics: Interest Rates, Consolidation and Growth

As high interest rates on borrowing money continue to keep many streaming vendors from getting new capital, along with challenging year-over-year revenue growth, what is the short and long-term outlook for investors and vendors tied to the streaming industry? This session will discuss the market update on valuations and the M&A outlook for streamers and streaming tech companies. Hear how operators and investors balance growth versus profitability and how B2B streaming tech companies survive and prosper in a consolidating environment.


  • (Moderator) Richard Glosser – Managing Director, Oaklins DeSilva & Phillips
  • Scott Shapiro – EVP, Corporate Development and Strategy, Sinclair
  • Michelle Noon – Founder and Managing Partner, Clearhaven Partners
  • Baskar Subramanian – Co-Founder, CEO, Amagi

Special Presentation by Dan Rayburn: Best Practices for Getting a Job and Advancing Your Career and Show Recap

Dan Rayburn will be hosting a special interactive presentation as part of the closing session at the Streaming Summit. He will take questions and share some best practices on job search and placement, LinkedIn profiles and resumes. Learn why you must stand out, how to do it and how to communicate with clarity, consistency and candor. This is free to attend for anyone at the entire NAB Show and no RSVPs or special badges are required. He will also do a show recap, highlighting the current drivers and restraints in the market, where real-world opportunities exist, and realistic expectations for growth.