2022 Streaming Summit Videos – Las Vegas (April 25/26)

Welcome and Overview Of Show, Latest Industry Trends

Conference Chairman, Dan Rayburn, welcomes attendees to the Streaming Summit and details what will be covered over the two-days of the show. He will also highlight some of the latest industry trends and things the industry should look out for over the next 12-months.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit

Bundling and Distribution Strategies for Growing Subscribers

From AVOD, SVOD and carrier-OTT partnerships, content owners have a lot of options in the market when it comes to video distribution and bundling strategies. This session will discuss factors including content and bundling strategy, (e.g., free trials, hybrid paid and ad-supported), billing and customer service, marketing, and product features (e.g., number of simultaneous streams). Hear what consumers want from OTT services, the pros and cons of bundling versus going direct-to-consumer, international distribution approaches, and what video services are doing to generate more subscribers and engagement.


  • Jonathan Hurd – Partner, Altman Solon
  • Archana Anand – Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global
  • P. Sean Gupta – SVP, Streaming Strategy, Paramount+ and Pluto TV
  • Grant Michaelson – VP, Business Affairs, Disney Branded Television
  • Shannon Snow – Head of Industry, Entertainment, Meta

Deploying AV1 For Live Broadcast, Sports, and RTC Streaming

With both CE companies and chipset providers introducing new hardware with native AV1 decoding capabilities, content owners are adopting the AV1 video codec to reduce their carbon footprint, decrease bandwidth consumption, and increase the user experience. In this presentation, AMD and Visionular will present the latest AV1 performance results for several live streaming applications including broadcast, sports, and RTC. Learn how content owners can encode 8 concurrent 4Kp60 broadcast quality live streams without losing bitrate efficiency using AMD EPYC and the Aurora1 AV1 encoder.

Download the slides from the presentation here


  • James Knight – Global Director, Media & Entertainment, AMD
  • Zoe Liu – Co-Founder, President, Visionular

K-drama Streaming, Best Practices for Delivering a Great International Content Experience

This presentation will detail how KOCOWA, the number one Korean entertainment streaming provider across the US, attributes its success to its in-house OTT Platform and portfolio of flexible service features that contribute to the development of multiple B2C and B2B business models and profitable revenue streams. Hear what features and functionality are most important in terms of providing a superior user experience and how OTT providers are working to have better responsiveness, increased adaptability to changing consumer preferences, and decreased costs and timescales in building and updating apps. Learn some of the best tips in delivering a consistent experience in a fragmented landscape of services and platforms as a foreign content service provider for US audiences.


  • KunHee Park – CEO, Korea Content Platform

Defining The User Experience and Workflow for Live Streaming

Live streaming differs quite a lot from video on demand when it comes to the video tech stack. The complexity differs and you don’t get a second chance to deliver a flawless experience. How can live streaming differentiate from traditional live broadcast when it comes to interactivity and personalization? This session will discuss what viewers expectations are, the complexity of the video stack and the challenges in delivering high-quality video at scale. The session will also debate the needs and impact of low/ultra-latency streaming, and what content owners and broadcasters are doing to improve the live streaming experience.


  • Magnus Svensson – Media Solution Specialist and Partner, Eyevinn Technology
  • Pierre-Louis Theron – VP, Product Management, Content Delivery, Lumen
  • Michael Fay – VP, Software Engineering, Disney Streaming Services
  • Imran Maskatia – VP, Product Development, Evoca TV

The Future of CTV Monetization

Over the last two years, we have witnessed drastic shifts in how consumers seek out and stream content. From cord cutters catching live sports via streaming services to the rise of “decision fatigue” in finding and subscribing to new services. Providers that are competing for viewers on streaming need to consider discovery, retention, and the unique models for increasing engagement on streaming platforms. This fireside chat will cover viewing trends on Fire TV, opportunities that content providers can take advantage of, and growth trends across the service.


  • Gavin Bridge – Senior Media Analyst, Variety Intelligence Platform
  • Matt Hill – Head of Device Monetization, Amazon Fire TV

Breaking the Rules: How MotorTrend Programs its MotorTrend+ Streaming Service and Linear TV Network

The relationship between streaming and linear platforms continues to evolve with streaming services rethinking distribution window models, value propositions, viewing audiences, advertising experiences, and more. Learn how MotorTrend balances its own subscription streaming service, MotorTrend+, with its television network, MotorTrend TV, by reimagining the streaming industry’s early unspoken rules. MotorTrend is the largest automotive media company in the world, bringing together Discovery’s MotorTrend TV with its vast automotive digital, direct-to-consumer, social, and live events portfolio.

Download the slides from the presentation here


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • Alex Wellen – Global President, GM, MotorTrend Group

Best Practices for Video Packaging, Playback and Delivery

Delivering media content at scale for local, regional and global audiences requires content to be made available for successful consumption on many devices and in a range of different user environments. This session will focus on the options and best practices for packaging media for the best playback and delivery to the end user. Providing insight into the options available in media delivery workflows, panelists will discuss questions such as: what formats and frameworks are available and the benefits they offer, how latency can be reduced for live and time sensitive applications, how to achieve high quality, un-interrupted playback and how incorporating services like security and advertising into stream delivery affects packaging and playback.


  • Adam Wiener – Founder, Continuous Media
  • Richard Oesterreicher – CEO, Streaming Global
  • Alex Zambelli – Technical Product Manager, Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Kevin Odden – VP, Americas, Qwilt
  • Raul Santos – Senior Manager, Streaming Engineering, Peloton

Best Practices for The Gamification of Content

This session will discuss how real-time Interactive Livecasting and gamification of content is creating both new user experiences and new forms of monetization in the live virtual concert space. Learn about the technical workflow pieces that make this possible as well as what’s required from a user-experience standpoint.


  • Brad Altfest – Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Agora
  • Yev Spektor – CTO, Encore

How Red Bull Racing Leverages Data and Analytics To Deliver a Better Consumer Engagement

This session will highlight how Red Bull Racing, Premier League, Sail GP and other organizations leverage their data and analytics to provide fans with what they want to see and a more personalized experience. Learn how leagues and teams that are streaming matches, races and esports can provide a more exciting experience when coupled with the right data and insight. Hear about predicative analytics, statistics, power ranking and more that can open the door to greater fan engagement.


  • Toby McAuliffe – VP, Oracle Sports

Deployment Challenges and Opportunities for CTV Advertising at Scale

This session will explore key challenges and growth opportunities for CTV advertising and how new tools and working groups will help ensure its continued effectiveness for buyers. Learn how advertisers are working to measure CTV performance, what KPIs are most important, and how platforms are scaling campaigns effectively while maintaining safeguards to prevent fraud and deliver meaningful metrics. The panel will also discuss the campaign metrics, operational efficiency and what standards the industry can develop and maintain to ensure CTV’s continued growth.


  • Kristine Lopez – Senior Product Manager, HUMAN Security (formerly White Ops)
  • Scott Ensign – VP, Strategy and Partnerships, Butler/Till

Challenges and Opportunities in Future Proofing Video Ad Monetization

With the increase in video consumption, the connected consumer’s viewing expectation is also maturing, but their experience is still lagging. Proliferation of Connected TVs has introduced new complexities to video ad delivery, targeting and performance measurement / visibility. This session will discuss the need for optimizing the ad viewing experience and ad revenue optimization by enabling video streaming services efficiently use their audience data with their ad monetization solutions.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • Chris Hock – Head of BD and Strategy, Media & Entertainment, Adobe

Unlocking Innovation With Cloud Services: New frontiers of Opportunity for Media Companies

Advances in cloud are helping media companies unlock new areas of innovation. In this fireside chat, FOX Sports and Google Cloud will discuss how cloud services can be used to provide better viewing experiences, especially live sporting events. Hear how FOX Sports uses the cloud to improve their video workflow, including content creation, delivery, and the end-user experience.


  • Anil Jain – Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Google Cloud
  • Dustin Myers – SVP, Production Operations, FOX Sports

Key Tech Requirements for Building and Managing An OTT Service

OTT offerings are proliferating, as major studio-broadcasters and other industry participants look for new ways to monetize their content assets, responding to growing consumer demand. However, developing, launching and operating a high-quality OTT offering remains challenging, in terms of technology and operations. Join a panel of leading industry tech experts to hear the key requirements for building and managing an OTT service. Learn how to critically evaluate the capabilities of the supplier base and the balance between insourcing and outsourcing and assessing the future evolution of the video workflow.


  • Mark Donnigan – Principal, d-launch
  • Peter Gibson – Product, Comcast Technology Solutions
  • Scott Goldman – Head of Product Management, Edgecast Streaming
  • Adam Tarshis – Founding Partner, PDG

Best Practices at Scale: Learnings from The Super Bowl Past and Future

The Super Bowl is consistently rated as the most watched television broadcast in the United States, and more people across the globe tune in to watch on streaming platforms every year. Hear how FOX delivers on the largest streaming events that demand the greatest customer experience at the greatest scale. Learn what has adobe already been accomplished and what is yet to come. You’ll leave with an understanding of what it takes to deliver live streams to millions, and what viewers can expect going forward.


  • Steven Thorpe – SVP, Video Platforms, Fox Corporation
  • Evan Statton – Principal Architect, Media & Entertainment, Amazon Web Services

Welcome and Detailing the Latest Subscriber Gains and Losses From Streaming Services

Conference Chairman, Dan Rayburn, welcomes attendees to the Streaming Summit and details the latest earnings results from Netflix including their subscriber losses and highlights the opportunity they have in the market with news they will add an AVOD service. He also discuss HBO Max’s growth and some of the trends in the market around churn and retention.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit

Live Sports Streaming: Recipe For Global Fan Following

Many sports leagues and clubs are launching their own streaming platforms, and penetrating some of the markets unreachable with conventional broadcasting channels. The panel will examine how some of the leagues and clubs have successfully built a fan base globally and offer best practices for subscriber acquisition, as well as the coordination of linear TV distribution with a league’s DTC OTT property. It will also discuss the use of data to personalize subscriber content choices to maximize revenue and trade tips for customer retention in a world of cluttered media choices.


  • Rick Allen – CEO, ViewLift
  • Fabio Gallo – Head of Product, LaLiga Tech
  • Riccardo Quagglia – Head of OTT and Partnership/Rights Manager, Italian basketball league (LNP)
  • Andy Wasef – Strategy & Business Innovation Lead, Next Gen, National Basketball Association (NBA)

Build vs. Buy: Choosing the Right Technology Approach For Streaming Success

Streaming services face the technology dilemma of choosing off-the-shelf platforms or developing in-house. This session examines the pros and cons of each approach, based on dozens of in-depth interviews with streaming services worldwide conducted by Kaltura and Caretta Research. From accelerating time-to-market, to linking platform costs to revenue; from delivering the best user experience across devices, to maximizing agility and differentiation. We’ll be revealing the priorities that are delivering real-world success for streaming services, the technology missteps to avoid, and the key lessons learned in choosing the right technology approach.


  • Robert Ambrose – Co-Founder, Managing Director, Caretta Research
  • Nuno Sanches – GM, Media & Telecommunications, Kaltura

Building Cloud Based Streaming Workflows at Scale

The movement from on-prem to cloud-based video workflows is creating the need for new tools, technologies, and platforms to meet the scale requirements of modern video streaming ecosystems. In this panel, you will hear from senior architects and engineers working to build and operate some of the largest streaming cloud services in the world about what is needed for a video platform to scale, how to approach expanding an existing video pipeline in the cloud, and lessons learned from the trenches. The conversation will be balanced between conceptual and practical, ensuring that all who attend will take something that can be actioned back to their company.


  • Mark Donnigan – Principal, d-launch
  • Mayur Srinivasan – VP, Video and Player Engineering, FOX
  • Rob Wilmoth – Chief Architect, Americas Telco, Media, and Entertainment, Red Hat
  • Zeller Wolfgang – Head of Video, Vodafone Group
  • Sean Gardner – Head of Video Strategy & Market Development, AMD

How DAZN Delivers Live Sports Experiences At Scale

Live sporting events are the most demanding content type to deliver and requires flexibility and resiliency to deliver at scale. Global sport streaming service DAZN serves nearly 1 billion hours of live content every year across more than 200 countries and territories, with a keen focus on delivering world-class viewing experience. Join DAZN and Fastly as they discuss overcoming the challenges of delivering live sport and how to build at scale.


  • Robin Oakley – VP of Distribution, Engineering, DAZN
  • Gonzalo De la Vega – VP, Strategic Projects, Fastly

Navigating The Paradigm Media Shift to D2C Services

The shift to direct-to-consumer is driving media companies to digitize their media supply chain. But are there common lessons to be learned? In this round-table session, Google Cloud, Grupo Globo, Television Univision discuss how cloud platforms and services are being incorporated to make the digital shift. Learn how media supply chains are digitizing to support OTT platforms.


  • Anil Jain – Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Google Cloud
  • Michael Cerda – EVP, Product, Streaming, Televisa Univision
  • Mauricio Felix – Director of Technology and Infrastructure, Grupo Globo

Strategies for Discovery, Personalization and User Engagement

With so many video choices in the market, streaming services are focused on doing everything possible to keep viewers engaged with a better personalized experience. This session will discuss some of the best practices for making content easier to discovery and consume, while also doing better content targeting. Learn about the data and analytics that drives decision making, what types of personalization consumers are looking for, how streaming services are looking to makes the experience better and what type of methodology and measurement should be used when it comes to engagement and retention.


  • Alesandra Madurowicz – Streaming Video Executive, Media and Sports, Oracle
  • Kamran Lotfi – VP, Product Management, Gracenote
  • Enrique Olives – Product Marketing Director, Media & Entertainment, Salesforce
  • Jason Williams – Head of Product Design and UX, Plex
  • Todd Oberstein – Head of Consumer Content Strategy, Verizon

Case Study: Serving Netflix Video Traffic at 400Gb/s and Beyond

This presentation will focus on the optimizations made by Netflix and the FreeBSD project which allow Netflix Open Connect to serve over 700Gb/s of Netflix video from a single CDN server. Learn how optimizations, including asynchronous sendfile, kernel TLS (kTLS), and inline hardware kTLS offload allows Netflix to be one of the most efficient content delivery networks. Attendees will also hear about performance results taken from production and experimental servers.

Download the slides from the presentation here


  • Drew Gallatin – Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Case Study: Accelerating Primetime Sports for European Media Giant TF1 Using ISP-Aware Mesh Delivery

A longstanding user of Lumen Mesh Delivery, TF1 delivers world-class sporting events to millions of users throughout France and Europe on its MyTF1 digital platform. This case study looks at some of the network’s biggest recent events including the Euro 2020 (played in summer 2021). We examine the scale and performance implications of peer-to-peer video delivery, and in particular the impact of advanced ISP matching to circumvent peering points and keep data at the edge of the network.

Download the slides from the presentation here


  • Charles Sonigo – Product Management, Content Delivery Services, Lumen

Show Recap: Q&A with Dan Rayburn and Streaming Execs, Discussing What’s Next for The Industry

Join Dan Rayburn for a quick show recap and get your questions answered on what you heard during the event. Learn where the industry is making progress, the current drivers and restraints in the market, where real-world opportunities exist and the expectations for growth. Dan will also detail the resources he uses to stay up to speed on industry news and get opinions from streaming executives on what we should expect over the next few years.


  • Dan Rayburn – Conference Chairman, Streaming Summit
  • Fred Santarpia – President, Endeavor Streaming
  • Tony Wang – Co-Founder, Head of Emerging Technologies, Agora